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Learn how to take your engineering project from zero users to profitable product with our engineer-focused training and tools for effective product marketing

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How it works

The Engineers OS

How does it work?

We've built this for engineers who can build great things but need help switching to the 'marketing hat'. We break down the successful ways we've learned to market stuff into engineer-digestable lessons and tools.

So you don't need to worry about losing time and money on weak marketing.


Product Strategy

Are you building the right thing? How do you validate your idea to make sure you'll get users?


Product Marketing

Building is the easy part.
Zero users means zero profit. The good news is, coding can be great marketing.


Product Growth

You've got your first users. Now how do you make and grow profit? Turn your project into a successful business.

Why Build Profit?

We know it can be hard to authentically sell software you've made

Marketing isn't to be feared. It's the cornerstone of really getting the thing you've made out into the world.

Woody Hayday

20 april, 8:30 am

My journey writing code started when I was 10. QBasic. Since then I've thoroughly enjoyed learning lots of different software languages. Fundamentally though, I've learned that I love to make things.

Along the way I've built 50+ pieces of software and made a solid living as a software entrepreneur. I sold my last software project to Automattic (#) in 2019, and after my tenure there, and a healthy year-long sabbatical, I’m back to empower other engineers.

Having gone through building a product business from scratch multiple times, and meeting lots of great software entrepreneurs and solopreneurs along the way, I've learned a sad truth.

As engineers, we often kind of suck at marketing.

Learn how to make profit from your project

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    What if it fails?

    "I tried building many products and tried to validate them. Unfortunately none of them got any users at all."

    You're more likely to fail if you don't learn to build profit.

    How do I even market this?

    It can be difficult to know where to start. What mediums, platforms, or services to use to market.

    Don't lose loads of money guessing.

    What about big competition?

    Putting your idea out there can feel like a risk. What if someone copies your idea and your revenue?

    We can show you how to push through and win.

    How do I balance my time?

    We want to code first. We like our IDEs. But it is possible to be a profitable solopreneur making software.

    It just takes strategy, which is learnable.

    As engineers we tend to suck at marketing

    Developing is easy. Making the world care can be hard. The good news it's a learnable skill and it's approachable in a rational way, just like software engineering.

    ✅ Learn the best ways to market your side projects

    ✅ Apply your engineering skills to marketing problems

    ✅ Save money by not paying for ads or marketing consultants

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    Learn how to make profit from your project

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